Storm Bella it’s official

Courtesy UKMO

The deep low across northern Scotland and the strong southwesterly winds it will bring later on Boxing day and into the early hours of Sunday morning have now been officially named Storm Bella. This looked on the cards yesterday, and is what I suggested in my last blog 15 minutes before I got an email alerting me of this latest amber warning of strong winds. It seems likely the UKMO model is producing similar results to the ICON and ECMWF model with regard to the strength of the wind which they reckon will produce gusts of 70 mph inland and 80 mph along the coast. The NWP graphics below are for T+72 so things could change in the next couple of days. It makes a change to see the UKMO getting in first to name a storm rather than Met Eireann or Meteo France. It looks like in the run up to the New Year the Great Oz and his team (dare I say Munchkins) down in Exeter will be pretty busy on the warnings front (pardon the pun), still it gives them something to do and make the night shift go quicker. I wonder how many make up a night shift rosta in these COVID-19 days it can’t be more than a handful.

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