Storm Christoph – sharp fall in temperature behind cold front

There was a large temperature fall and veer of wind on the cold front associated with storm Christoph on Wednesday evening. I analysed the 18 UTC chart and have included it to give you a better idea of the airmass change just ahead and to the rear of it. I’ve not look at all stations but typically there was a fall in temperature of up to 5°C in an hour at most sites but as much as 7.5°C or maybe more at others. At Coleshill there was an hourly fall of 7.5°C (8.4°C to 0.9°C) between 22 and 23 UTC that evening and the heavy rain turned to rain and snow for a time. There may be higher instances than that, but I would need to write some extra code to test all the possibilities to find them.

Hourly differences
22 and 23 UTC 20 January 2021

Here is a selection of thermographs from stations across England that evening.

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  1. Yes, that’s what I call a cold front. Text book stuff. No messing. Dropped 5 degC here in Wembury in an hour with a sharp wind veer.

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