Storm Odette and the storm naming farce

The blue contour is for average wind speeds of 30 kts or more

I hadn’t realised that yesterday’s fierce little low in the southern North Sea had been named storm Odette by the Belgium Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI). The north northwesterlies from it are still blowing a steady force seven down the east coast of England towards Belgium this morning, so I thought I would look at the average hourly speeds and gusts during the last 24 hours which are pretty impressive for late September. I wonder why the RMI didn’t throw their hat in the ring with the KNMI and join the UKMO and Met Eireann storm syndicate ? Perhaps they have been leaned on by Meteo France, or maybe they just can’t stand the ridiculous analysis charts produced by the worlds best meteorologists in Exeter, or maybe it’s because they just feel left out of it being surrounded by national met services that will name just about anything that moves these days. It also makes you wonder if they would have abided with the name we had given it if we had named it storm Aiden? Just to add even more confusion to the whole sorry farce of storm naming the name Odette is from last season’s list of storms, as their new storm season starts on the 1st of October and not like ours on the 1st of September.

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