Stormy winter

I was just looking at the objective Lamb Weather Type data for this winter up to the 19th of February. It didn’t take a genius to realise that it must rate highly as one of the stormiest winters for a while especially the since the turn of the year, and so it turned out. The Gale Index [GI] in the objective LWT data gives you an approximation of just how windy it was each day at 12 UTC for the grid location 55° north 5° west if my memory serves me right. This winter [DJF] so far has a GI of 30.3 the third highest of any winter since 1871, and not so far behind the memorable stormy winter of 2013-14. The linear trend from 1871 shows that winters have gradually become windier in that period.

Looking at the first 19 days of February 2020 reveals that it has aGI of 35.9 the highest GI of any February since records began in 1871. The latest NWP indicate that the remainder of the month look fairly cyclonic with strong zonality. The linear trend from 1871 shows how February’s too have been getting progressively windier across IONA much like winters.

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