Strange kind of warm sector

Courtesy of UKMO

There have been two warm fronts cross Scotland in the last 36 hours so in effect we are in the middle of a very large warm sector. And because pressure is still relatively high, with the anticyclone not too far away over northern France a lot of subsidence is occurring across northern parts. Dew points are still quite low at around 5°C generally. Over the mountain tops temperatures have changed quite dramatically from the -8°C they were at the weekend. The temperature on Cairngorm at the moment is 9.1°C (12 UTC) in strong sunshine, and the dew point is -16.5°C, with a humidity of just 15%. So the snow will be smelting or sublimating quite rapidly at the moment if these values form the SIESAWS are to be believed. I thought I would include an animation of this mornings visible satellite images because it is rather splendid.

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