Summer 2020 – tropical nights across Europe

The Mediterranean looks like it’s been trying to extend its sweaty arms northwards across parts of northwest Europe this Summer if this charts of tropical nights is anything to go by. Tropical nights occur when the minimum temperature falls no lower than 20°C. There is a fair smattering of them across southeast England but the number fall well short of totals from the coastal stations that are dotted around the Mediterranean sea. Here’s one I prepared earlier for the summer of 2019 just to give you a flavour of how common tropical nights are theses days, and 2019 wasn’t a particular stand out summer as far as temperatures were concerned.

Finally, here is the tropical night count for the summer of 1976, which I would stress is far from being a complete record in my archives, tropical nights may be on the increase but equally they have been around for a long time too.

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