Summer index 2019

Summer 2019 didn’t stand out in any particular regard in this years summer index calculations. The summer index uses mean temperature, total sunshine and total rainfall values to calculate an index of just how good or bad a summer has been. The highest possible index is 48, and that has happened only once in the UK in the summer of 1976, and the lowest is -48, and that again has happened only once in the UK back in the summer of 1954. Summer 2019 came in with an index of +15 for the UK, which placed it in #17 position in a series that started in 1929.

Regionally East Anglia fared best of all the regions across the UK with a simple summer index of +28, which was substantially higher than any other region. Unfortunately the north and east of Scotland, where it was rather wet, came joint bottom with a -3 index, having said that much of northern England had low scores too.

The following two scatter charts show that although temperatures were above average during summer 2019, sunshine was closer to average, and rainfall well above average across the UK as whole.

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