Sunday evening looks interesting

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There will be three separate embedded lows rotating around the parent low during Sunday according to the latest run of the German ICON model. The first one which never really has a closed circulation occurs during daylight hours on Sunday rushing W’NW into western Ireland as a filling feature. Nevertheless it will tighten the westerly gradient significantly across southwestern areas of IONA during the afternoon. Slightly later in the afternoon another deeper low will transfer southeast down across Northern Ireland as a filling feature, but again this will tighten the NW gradient across northwest Ireland during the late evening. At more or less the same time another small intense low will move south across the northeast Scotland increasing the northerly gradient across there.

I can bet that Met Eireann have already been busy preparing an amber warning for the gale or storm force winds on Sunday. This has to be the first named storm of the season, and the powers that be have already lined up a suitable memorable name for it – Atiyah!

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