Super mild Europe and Russia

Mean temperatures across the bulk of Europe and Russia have continued to be well above average so far this January and it’s no wonder that Moscow had to import snow into the city for the New Year celebrations this year. Latest anomalies to the 16th of this month are a remarkable 11°C above average across northern Russia, this ties in well with the mean pressure chart for the first two weeks of the month. The start of the year continues to be cold over the Barent sea where anomalies are 8°C below average, which I’m quite sure has help bolster up sea ice extents in the area which in recent years has been severely depleted by this stage of proceedings. The southeast of north America has also been mild in the first half of the month (+6°C), whilst at the same time Alaska and the northwest of Canada have been much colder than average (-8°C). Temperatures over the Atlantic have been close to average but southern Greenland has been colder than average (-7°C) possibly caused by the Piteraq event.

Courtesy of NSIDC
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