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Smiling Carol Kirkwood said it wasn’t “particularly cold” across the country in her 8.15 am forecast on the BBC News channel. I think she might have been gauging it on the lack of frost around, but I think that she, like many other weather presenters are blinkered to the fact that it has been cold for a while, and is still “particularly cold” again this morning in the wake of low Eugen. I know they make them tough up but the wind chill at the moment is close to zero across large parts of the north, and temperature anomalies are between 2 and 4 degrees below the LTA for 06 UTC. Why can’t she just tell it like it is?

Simon King the BBC presenter who has made a name for himself on Twitter with his constant smile has the same problem as Carol. He is under the impression that temperatures of 5°C below the long term average can be classified as “cool” rather than cold or rather cold. Why can’t he just tell it like it is?

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