Temperatures still a touch below average, on the cool side, and rather disappointing for the time of year?

Figure 1 – Courtesy of the BBC

All the clichés are coming out in trying to describe the temperature in recent forecasts from the BBC presenters. Cool for November give it a rest. Rather disappointing – what exactly are you expecting in way of maximum temperatures in November? Ben Rich has got his own pet cliché which is a touch below average. At lunchtime today the 12 UTC anomalies (figure 2) from it’s a bit more than just a touch cold in most parts of the country Ben. I generate the daily average temperature for each station from all the available SYNOP observations that I have from 1981 to 2010. Locally in most parts part of Scotland 12 UTC temperatures are in a range of -2.5 to -8.5°C lower than the average for the 6th of November, which is a bit more than a touch in my book Ben. Ben is still loathe to admit that the showers will be of snow over ground above 600 metres in Scotland even with the photographic evidence I’ve provided him with. I just heard Chris Fawkes in a later forecast say about Saturday’s weather “It could be cool enough for a little bit of snow on the very highest hills of northern England and Scotland“, until that flash of brilliance he had hardly deemed to mention Scotland, and even when he did he never specified what type of showers they would be. Has he ever ventured into Scotland in his career I wonder? Did he ever have a detachment to Kinloss or Leuchars? Obviously not.

Figure 2 – Temperature Anomalies for 12 UTC 6 November 2019

Figure 3 is a chart of the mean maximum temperatures for the whole of November. As November gets progressively colder through the month it’s impossible to get an accurate anomaly by using the mean temperature for the whole month, and that’s why Ben thinks temperatures across the country are just a touch below average. In the parlance of weather presenters of yore I fancy today’s temperatures would be described as being rather cold, and in the far north just plain cold.

Figure 3 – November mean maximum temperature (1981-2010) – courtesy of DataPoint
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