Temperatures still well above average even in the north

Temperatures are still well above average right across the country today even in the north. Yes, it’s much cooler colder north of latitude 53° north, but anomalies here at 12 UTC are still generally 2 or 3°C above the 1981-2010 LTA for this time of day. In the warm sector in the south anomalies are generally 5 to 8°C above average. The mildest place at 12 UTC was Exeter airport, where thanks to the shelter from the W’SWl’y flow by Dartmoor to its west it’s a balmy 14.3°C, which I make 8.1°C above the average for the 21st of December. We desperately need a spell of northerlies just to lower temperatures and even then they won’t be far of average.

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