The “all tarred with the same brush” approach

Courtesy of the BBC

If you wondering just how Phil Avery and Meteogroup could ever dream up such a ridiculous headline like this, which purport to describe the weather for the whole of the UK this weekend, when the forecast for Scotland is so markedly different from that further south across England and Wales, I can answer that for you in just two words Scotia Myopia, a condition that is common amongst weathercasters, and very difficult to treat, especially if they’ve not strayed far from the south east of England. Although I now live in the north of Scotland I have lived in South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Morayshire, Berkshire, Devon and now Easter Ross. This has given me the opportunity over the years to sample the weather and climate of each of these different regions, and see how much mention they get in the BBC forecast. In my opinion the people of Scotland, and just as importantly the weather of Scotland get a raw deal and are all too often ignored in what’s supposed to be the national forecast. I realise they don’t get a lot of ‘on air’ time to specifically mention each part of the UK, but headlines like these are prepared beforehand, and so there’s little excuse. I posted something the other day entitled when the weather’s crap in the southeast it’s crap everywhere which just about sums up the ingrained bias that exists.

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