“The big ship sails on the Ally-ally-Oh”

*Bedford incomplete record

Well today is the last day of September after all, and September has ended up being a very wet month across many parts of the UK in 2019. Some parts of the extreme southeast seem to have escaped the worst of it with Manston only receiving around 25 mm. The high ground has taken the brunt of it as is the way of things, with Capel Curig recording over 250 mm upto this morning with likely more to come today. Having said that the north and west of Scotland have got away with a lot of the heavy rain during the last week. It’s a shame I don’t have a value for somewhere like Buckie on the Moray Coast in light of the rain of the last few days. It certainly looks like it could have been the wettest September across the UK since 1981.

Data courtesy of the Met Office
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