The cold June of 1972

The coldest June in the central England temperature series was that of 1675, with a mean anomaly of almost -2.7°C, but following closely behind in joint second place was the June of 1972 with a mean anomaly 2.35°C lower than the 1961-1990 LTA, not a lot of people know that including Michael Caine.

I lived through that month but never noticed how just cold it had been, which is even more surprising when I was working as a Weather observer at the time! In fact the cold spell which seems to have started in the third week of April, ran right through the month of June before it was stopped in its tracks around the 12th of July by a brief warm spell.

Data courtesy of UKMO

The thermograph from the MIDAS data series for Hampstead confirms the CET record, and shows just how depressed daytime maxima were from the 8th of May right through to the 12th of July 1972.

Data courtesy of MIDAS

June 1972 was the eighth most cyclonic on record so that didn’t help, with a cold trough at 500 hPa for many days through the month.

Images courtesy of Wetterzentrale

It may have been a cold June but it wasn’t at all a wet month, and in parts of the southeast it was on the dry side. Here’s the hyetograph for Chadlington in Oxfordshire.

Data courtesy of MIDAS

And here are the rainfall totals for June across the southeast – yes don’t you just love MIDAS it provides you with so many rainfall stations!

Data courtesy of MIDAS

I don’t know the explanation for why June was such a cold month. Please drop me a line if you find one.

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