The curious winter of 2012-13

I have spent some time reworking my old Chart Grid application over the festive period which I use to visualise actual and anomaly charts that I download from the Met Office website. In doing some testing of the changes I made to the application I decided to compile a chart of mean temperature anomalies for the last ten winters across the UK. I hadn’t noticed before but the mean temperature anomalies for winter 2012-13 were average, in fact they were average across the entire UK, indicating that the mean anomaly for winter 2012-13 across all areas must be within -0.5°C and +0.5°C of the 1961-1990 LTA. At first I thought that the Met Office had made some kind of error, but on checking I found that the mean temperatures had been close to the 1961-90 average and that winter 2012-13 must have been a very unusual average winter.

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