The dullest June

Rather surprisingly on looking back to find which June was the dullest in the UK since the gridded sunshine record series began in 1929, it turns out that you don’t have to look back too far to find the answer is June 2012 with just 114.1 hours of bright sunshine that month. Not only was sunshine in meagre supply with only 67.3% of average, rainfall was a whopping 209.6% of the LTA as well, a kind of double whammy, or in this case more like a double welly. I personally can’t even remember much about that month even though I must have written a blog or two about it!

Data courtesy of UKMO

Sunshine was in short supply in all regions of the UK that month, apart that is from the extreme northwest of Scotland and the northern Isles, and perhaps the extreme coastal fringe in the southeast.

Chart courtesy of UKMO
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