The eternal optimist

I couldn’t help but have another go at Tomasz Schafernaker regarding his forecast for Sunday morning weather he made in the Weather for the week ahead at 1 AM on BBC1 (10 November 2019) , but he did seem to be ignoring what the graphics and the model was trying to tell him. The cloud for instance was much too extensive in the graphics to brush aside by saying it will be “mostly sunny across the UK” for a start, he also forgets to mention the light coastal showers down eastern counties, both of which are borne out in the 09 UTC satellite and weather radar imagery. Not a mention of the moderate to fresh NE’ly winds blowing across the south, or the fact that temperatures will take a while before they get above freezing in the north. I can’t fathom what he was getting at when he talked about “mist and murk” with a 20 to 30 knot gradient across most areas there wasn’t much chance of that, perhaps he might have in mind the fog that formed in eastern parts of Northern Ireland, or the low cloud from the occlusion of the previous day in the southwest? But he did start with another in depth look at what the jet stream is and what it’ll be doing in the coming week, even though he couldn’t quite get to grips with the forecast for the next day.

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