The Findhorn in spate

29th May 2020

A friend of mine sent me these interesting pictures of the River Findhorn in Moray. The two images were taken at Randolph’s leap a local beauty spot a week apart, and show just how rapidly the river can rise with just a modest amount of rain. The graph of the river levels from the gauge in nearby Forres shows a rise of around 1.7 metres within a couple of hours.

Courtesy of SEPA
6th of June 2020
Rainfall radar estimates

This puts me in mind of the muckle spate of 1829 when the Findhorn at Randolph’s leap was over 15 metres above normal. If you ever get chance to visit Randolph’s leap you may notice a stone marking the height the Findhorn reached almost 200 years ago.


The ‘Muckle spate’ of August 3rd 1829
Courtesy of

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