The Folgefonna glaciers

That is not a bit of cloud that my yellow arrow is pointing to in southern Norway in the image above, that’s the Folgefonna glaciers. I noticed it in today’s visible satellite image, even though I must have seen it countless times in the past I never quite realised it was a glacier. Today it’s standing out brightly and clearly probably because it’s been recently capped in a new mantle of snow. It’s also been quite apparent that this week the Norwegians have fared a lot better weatherwise than we have in the northeast of Scotland in this current anticyclonic spell. The Folgefonna glaciers are less than 650 km from Inverness and must be Scotland’s closest glacier. The visible satellite image from the NASA Worldview website shows the glacier in even greater detail.

Courtesy of NASA

I now realise I made a mistake in not taking my wife for a bag of chips in Ullapool today when I saw this view of the northwest Highlands from space, but then again you can’t win them all.

Courtesy of NASA
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