The Great Freeze of 1900

Courtesy SKY News

The Great Freeze of 1900 – this is a new one on me. I saw mention of it in a graph of mortality rates in an item about COVID-19 during this lunchtimes Sky News. I say 1900 but it could have been either side of that year by a year or two because the graph is fairly crude. I have never heard of a “great freeze” at this time and it certainly must have been quite an event to spike the mortality rate like it did. A quick scan back at the daily CET mean anomalies for winters around the time don’t really come up with on that could have been labeled the “Great Freeze”, wet at least not in true Vicar of Dibley style. The nearest candidate around the millenium of 1900 I could find was the perhaps the second half of winter 1894-95 but that may have gone down as the “Great Frost of 95”.

1 thought on “The Great Freeze of 1900”

  1. But you were looking at a news & politics program…don’t expect truth or accurate data.
    It was all going quite nicely, big numbers (don’t have to be true – cos’ who’s going to check?), scary graph….
    Then you come along & spoil it all, with your facts & accurate data.

    It’s a good job the general public don’t get to see this blog or they may start questioning all the crap we are being fed.
    Best john

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