The Great Oz has spoken

Courtesy of UKMO

The Chief Forecaster – aka as the Great and powerful Oz – down in deepest Devon has spoken, well to be honest the Met Office have just issued a snow warning for Scotland for Friday, but I like to picture the process as being similar to the scene in the film The Wizard of Oz when Toto pulls back the curtain to reveal the Great Oz as he really is. As you can see I do have an unusually furtive imagination.

Courtesy of Warner Brothers

I think it’s brave of him to downplay the threat of any serious snowfall on Friday across Scotland, and no snow northwest of Inverness looks pretty audacious. I think if I was Oz, I might have left it till tomorrow before starting to pull all the various levers behind his curtain and prognosticating about the impacts from any snow. The ECMWF model does seems to support his warning area, and the NWP models have been progressively warming with each successive run, but models are notoriously fickle things and I can’t wait to see what Friday brings.

Thursdays snow showers on the left – the additional snow from Fridays frontal system on the right


Courtesy of the Weather & Climate newsgroup
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