The Guardian’s coverage of yesterday’s hot day in the southeast

Daily weather is caused by the interaction of the strong global heating trend being driven by carbon emissions and local variability.

The Guardian

Don’t you just love that definition of what causes daily weather bashed out with loving care by one of the two characters that put this joint effort together about yesterday’s hot weather for the Guardian – and complete bollocks! But the definition and the contents of the article does give you an insight into what drives their thought processes, and believe me it has little to do with the maximum temperature of 36.4°C at Heathrow yesterday, they have much more on their agenda than just that.

I love the weather and the climate and there are not many days that go by when I don’t read or write about it, but constantly being fed a smattering of news regarding a weather event mixed up with the latest thinking about how either (a) AGW is the underlying cause of it or (b) AGW has somehow exacerbated it does tend to get rather tiring and irksome.

I think the two are most definitely linked, but articles about either don’t necessarily need to be permanently joined at the hip. It would be refreshing to occasionally divorce an article or piece of news about a recent weather event from the politics of AGW, because that’s how I see AGW these days, a political party rather than a scientific fact.

And so when I read a story like this one concocted by two Guardian writers purportedly about yesterday’s hot day that in reality turns out to be a lecture from the manifesto of the AGW party it’s time to fire up the WordPress editor!

I’ve marked in pink the AGW bit to separate it from the real news about yesterday’s heatwave which believe me have been around much longer that the concept of AGW has.

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