The Halloween storm

Halloween storm remains a yellow and not an amber warning according to the Met Office

Despite forecasting possible gusts of 75 mph across the Western Isles on All Hallows Eve, the Met Office are sticking to their guns and maintaining that the worst of it can be be covered by a yellow and not an amber warning for strong winds across the UK. Good old Met Office! They never liked to follow the lead taken by other Met services, although from what I can see their mesoscale model hasn’t been behaving itself recently. The Halloween storm has now triggered Met Eireann, who’ve always had a itchy trigger finger, to give it the less prosaic name of Storm Aiden. The warning looks justified just about, gauging from the gradients from these four NWP models for tomorrow, but ending it as early as 21 UTC and not including the Northern Isles could be a bit careless…

A belt of very strong and possibly squally southerly winds will develop on Saturday morning with gusts of 60-65 mph, perhaps 70 mph on exposed coasts and hills. The winds will become more westerly during the afternoon and gradually ease across England and Wales. However they will remain very strong across Scotland and Northern Ireland into the evening, with possible gusts around 75 mph across the Western Isles.

Courtesy of the UKMO
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