The latest 3 month outlook from the Met Office

Courtesy of the Met Office

The outlook from the Met Office for the next three months (November 2019 to the end of January 2010) as far as temperature are concerned, doesn’t make good reading if you are a snow lover I’m afraid. The chances of the temperature for the period falling in the highest of five categories is as high as 55%, and in the lowest category a miserly 5%. From that I think it would be safe to assume that you could classify the next three months as mild or very mild. It’s a while since I’ve visited the three month outlook the Met Office produce and I find it hardly changed in format, which I’ve always maintained is a perfect example of how not to visualise climate statistics. But as far as their forecast goes of the next 3 months being mild or very mild goes, you only have to look at the evidence of just how mild the last four winters have been in central England to realise they are probably backing a winner.

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