The merry month of May

Visible satellite image 1045 UTC

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it snow in May, but as I write the snow is swirling down again from another shower in Strathpeffer (40 metres AMSL). The air temperature before the shower commenced must have been up around five or six degrees in the sunshine, but quickly dropped to 2°C as it started, and with dew points as low as -3°C it’s perfectly possible, and believe me as an ex-observer it was snow, which seems kind of odd as House Martins arrived in the strath only this week. We have seen snow falling in every month since November last year despite the mild autumn and winter, although temperatures during spring in the north have been much closer to average.

Loch Glascarnoch

Here are a few sayings about May, the first of which kind of fits in 2020.

  • A warm January, a cold May.
  • For every thunder with rain in February there will be a cold spell in May.
  • Fogs in February mean frosts in May.
  • Mists in March bring rain, or in May frosts again.

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