The most important number in the world

I calculate anomalies for both pressure and temperature each month in an application that I run in my old PC in my box room office using free gridded data that I download from NOAA. I can calculate anomalies for any period, I can even give you a chart for the first three days of March if you like. I don’t have a fancy supercomputer or super fine resolution gridded data at my disposal.

Whats my point?

Well why do we have to go cap in hand to Copernicus to visualise what’s pretty basic climate data? The Met Office climate division will generate all this data daily – well I should hope they do – so why in these days of AGW don’t the Met Office have a site that’s purely dedicated to monitoring the temperature of the planet and its weather and display monthly anomaly charts like this? Surely the most important number in the world at the moment is it’s temperature, or should that be it’s anomaly!

Personally I much prefer my contoured chart with old fashioned contour lines like mine, rather than this colour filled abstract piece of art like this, with it’s ridiculous colour scale that spans a massive 16 degrees in various shades of red.

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