The Mount Everest AWS

Kate Ravilious has been reading the bulletin of the AMS again. The research article she is talking about in her article which you can download from the AMS site is readable, with not too much in the way of technical stuff and tells how they managed to install a number of AWS on the route to the top of Everest. They also talk about how they think that under strong insolation ice can melt even at -14°C. I always thought that at these temperatures ice was loss due to sublimation? So far no WMO station number for SYNOP observations from Mount Everest has been assigned, but you can find the latest readings from the National Geographic website if you’re interested although a the wind data seems to be missing from most of the AWS which is a pity but installing cup anemometers at over 8,000 metres did seem to be a bit of a daft idea in the first place.

Courtesy of the National Geographic
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