The other side of Bella


The strong winds on the southern and western flanks of Bella have made all the headlines so far, but I wonder if the cold air and snows that’s spiralling around it’s vortex will provide just as many headlines as the winds ever did? Here in Ross-shire we have already seen a couple of centimeters of snow that has fallen from the showery troughs early this morning as they moved across in the W’NW flow currently across the north of Scotland. The ECMWF model suggests that these showers will become more frequent and merge as this low centre tracks south across the west of Scotland through the remainder of the day. On the basis of this model data and the current observations I strongly suggest to the Met Office they may update their current warning for snow and ice for Scotland to reflect this.

Courtesy UKMO

2 thoughts on “The other side of Bella”

    1. Yes I noticed that too.
      It’s not very good – the UKMO often leave the islands out of warnings such as ice and snow – I’m sure they’ll beef that warning up this morning.
      It could get very interesting late this afternoon as the low moves south across your neck of the woods.

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