The quality of SST charts

These wonderful SST products (above) that I’ve been downloading and using for year from this National Center for Ocean Forecasting [NCOF] website, maintained for them by the Met Office, have unfortunately stopped being produced from the first of September 2020. The NCOF website redirects you now to the new OSTIA website and their new interactive map (below) of the latest sea surface temperature anomalies. Acronyms come thick and fast when it comes to SST, and I can’t pretend to have much of a clue with any of them, all I know is that OSTIA stands for Operational Sea Surface Temperature and Sea Ice Analysis and full marks to whoever dreamt that one up. As flashy as this new interactive map is with its colour filled contours it dosent in my opinion match the detail and information that’s contained in the old colour filled contoured version.

There is an alternative though produced by the International Research Institute [IRI] (below). It’s nowhere as detailed as the old OSTIA product with contours only every 0.5°C, but it is produced monthly and weekly, and I reckon they are the best SST products freely available on the internet at the moment.

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