The return of the westerlies?

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The GFS is still pushing for a quicker and more abrupt end to this current very warm spell of weather than the ECMWF model by the start of next week. They both agree that Sunday will be the warmest day of the spell across the south and east, but after that the GFS is much quicker in pushing cooler air across all parts including the south. The deep lows to the NW of Scotland in the next week would fit in nicely with H.H.Lamb’s ‘return of the westerlies’ and his ‘setback to the seasonal warming’ singularity for June (The English Climate) but later frames of the model quickly return to a more meridional rather than a zonal type.

Spring period of highest mean pressure of the year in Greenland ends with ridges and offshoots highs moving towards Britain and central Europe. Azores high spreads ridge towards Biscay and the Alps (towards Britain and Scandinavia in a minority of years – the finest summers).

H.H. Lamb – The English Climate
Appendix I

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