The southwest or the southeast?

Where’s the heaviest of the rain going to be on Tuesday the southwest or the southeast? I know let’s make it both, although the German ICON at T+44 seems to favour the southeast at the moment for a spell of heavy rain for the Tuesday morning commute.

Monday 23rd

This latest update to yesterday’s heavy rain warning seems to be a clever way of wrapping up separate warnings for a heavy rain, strong wind and thunderstorm warning all into one single warning. Rather confusingly it’s still only badged as a yellow warning for rain though (the web interface they use really does need a thorough overhaul). The impact level has been increased, but the likelihood of anything happening has decreased, which means it remains a yellow and not an amber warning. This event is going to happen in less than 24 hours and obviously the human forecaster has not enough confidence it will – I wonder what the machine thinks is going to happen?

Tuesday 24th

The southwest or the southeast or maybe in the middle?

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