The ups and downs of MSLP since December 2019

Barograph for 55N 5W
1 December 2019 to 1 May 2020

This is a chart of surface pressure and anomalies since last December which I’ve gleaned from reanalysis data (for 55N 5W) includes peaks for the anticyclone of 1050 hPa that affected southern parts in mid January, and another for the even higher record pressure of 1051.3 hPa (and the fourth highest pressure ever recorded in IONA) that occurred at the end of March at Belmullet. I’ve also added coloured bands to identify the five named storms that affected the country during that time, Atiyah, Brendan, Ciara, Dennis and Jorge, a rather bizarre collection of names for what was a relatively quiet winter.

Courtesy of UKMO
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