The use of 05 UTC temperatures as a pseudo minimum chart in TV weather forecasts

Courtesy of the BBC

The BBC forecast slightly underestimated the temperatures at 05 UTC across the north of Scotland once again this morning. As you can see it was around -4°C at Glascarnoch and Altnaharra and would have been a similar figure across Easter Ross if the SC sheet hadn’t shown up in the late evening. If that cloud hadn’t rolled in minimums could have easily been -6 or -7°C across the north of Scotland, making the -1°C in the 6.55 PM forecast look even more out of kilter.

This is exactly what happened at Altnaharra this morning with regard to temperature:-

  • -3.8°C 05 UTC temperature
  • -4.7°C 06 UTC minimum
  • -4.9°C 08 UTC temperature

I can never quite understand for the life of me why the TV weather forecasts just don’t display charts of actual minimum and maximum values like they did back in the good old days of magnetic symbols. Normally on a good radiation night you would expect the minimum temperature to occur around sunrise or just after, so why do the TV weather forecasts persist in displaying a temperature chart for 05 UTC as some kind of pseudo minimum chart for the whole night? Come on Meteogroup, break the mould and throw of the shackles and show the Met Office how it should be done!

Courtesy of the ITV and UKMO
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