The use of the terms cooler/warmer or colder/milder in weather forecasts

Courtesy of the BBC

Be warned if you don’t want to read another article about me droning on about what we hear in weather forecasts on the TV or radio you’d better move on now. What irritates me when listening to a weather forecast is the use of the terms cooler or warmer at what I think is the wrong time of year. Yes I know it sounds very petty and I wouldn’t disagree with you on that, but even so, it still irks me, and blogs are first and foremost a place where you can get these things of your chest.

I’ve never been a weather presenter, but if I were I would only use the terms cooler and warmer during the months May through September, and in other months I would use the terms colder or milder. I do realise you can’t force presenters to do this, hell you don’t seem to be able to stop people anyone doing anything these days, but to me it just sounds better. I have a feeling that I have seen a table of terms to use in describing temperature but I may be wrong.

There are other temperature terms such as hot that do seem to have an unwritten rule regarding them – I’ve never heard of a hot December or January day for instance – although I have heard (and used) the term cold day for a day in June and August.

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