There’s got to be a better way than this!

Courtesy of UKMO

This weekends smörgåsbord of warnings generated by storm Dennis this weekend from the Met Office looks a right dog’s dinner on their warnings web pages. It just can’t cope with the number and types of warnings that are coming in and out of force during Saturday and Sunday, and it’s about time they tried a drastic new approach to help the beleaguered public wend their way through the multiple layers of warnings they issue to see what’s relevant for their area, be it rain, gale or flood. And why is it on a desktop PC with a 27″ screen is the warnings map just 1024 pixels wide? It’s easy to detect if you’re on a mobile device so why don’t they do they have a mobile and a separate desktop version?

Vorsprung Durch Technik

I quite like the DWD way of doing things with their warnings map showing all the regions across the country. It looks like even they have problems with multiple warnings though, so even their solution is far from perfect, but at least looks way better than ours does.

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