There’s got to be a better way than this

The web page dashboard interface for the many and varied weather warnings that the Met Office issue each day is in drastic need of a rethink. This mornings is a prime example of just how cluttered it can get on a busy day. I don’t know how they would manage if they had to issue an additional warning for strong wind on top of the five that are already in force. I never ever liked the solution they came up with almost 10 years ago, and thought they should have made better use of GIS [Geographic Information System] where each region of the UK would be highlighted in whatever level of alert was in force. There is a problem with this approach, for instance a whole region could be highlighted amber when a warning was for snow just above 250M. You could ignore this and trust that people have read the text of the warning more clearly, or you could just let GIS delineate the areas above 250M in that region. To do this mapping would have to be at a higher resolution and could prove confusing even though it might be more accurate. The EA does a similar thing quite successfully when it marks out the areas around a river that are liable to flooding in its warnings.

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