These are snow showers not wintry showers

I have heard a number of weather forecasts in the last day or so describing the showers that will or are falling across IONA as wintry. Well let me say as an ex-weather observer the wintry showers that are falling at 40 M amsl here in Easter Ross are in all reality moderate occasionally heavy SNOW showers that reduce the visibility to 200 M or so. It sounds a bit like M&S I know – these are not just any snow showers these are M&S snow showers. Wintry showers to mind conjure up a mix of rain, and wet snow with a bit of hail thrown in for good measure – these showers are the real McCoy. And after recent days with temperatures of 17°C it is a reminder that this is still early spring. The local news here has no reports about the weather or if they are causing any impacts – why would they it’s are not affecting Glasgow or Edinburgh. That parallels what happens in England when severe weather is happening outwith London and the southeast. I’m surprised that they couldn’t come up with some decent images or videos from social media that I’m sure will come later – local news reporting these days is dead and consigned to quick image or video in social media and it’s now onder local councils can get away with blue murder.

What do you think?

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