They think it’s all over…

Perhaps I was a bit premature with yesterday’s blog Was that it then? because I’ve noticed in the last few runs of the various models I like to keep an eye on that although milder less cold Atlantic air wins out for a while in the coming week, it never really manages to dislodge the cold air from the northeast of the UK for very long. I’ve also included the T+240 frame from the ECMWF model of what may happen towards the end of next week. All the ingredients seem to be in place for an easterly spell of some sort, with a deep low to the southwest of IONA and an intense anticyclone over central Russia and a large pool of cold air trapped within it. With the Atlantic blocked at 45° west this may provide an opportunity for high pressure to build westward across Scandinavia. It looks like I’m back in the Twilight zone again.

What do you think?

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