Thirtieth anniversary of the Burns’ day storm

Courtesy of BBC

I just noticed how Ben Rich was struggling to find a decent chart for his piece on the BBC News 24 this afternoon about the thirtieth anniversary of the great Burns’ day storm of Thursday 25th January 1990. So I looked in the archives and found this one for 12 UTC, which I have quickly added the frontal systems just for Ben. He is quite free to print it out and stick it on his mantle piece if he likes, or he can feel free to use it in a later broadcast because that old fax chart analysis from the Met Office is a little on the small side and didn’t do a storm that went on to claim the lives of 47 people across the country justice. You’ll notice that there are a few plotted ships in the southwest approaches, something that you won’t see anymore, along with some favourite SYNOP stations such as Gwennap head and Cellarhead, that have now closed down.

Here’s a more detailed look at southern areas of the country where the strongest of the winds were that day.

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