This explains everything!

I wondered why the Met Office had issued a peculiar belated yellow warning for heavy rain late this morning for the Moray Firth area. Now I realise it was probably because of the flooding on the rail line at Ardgay on the Dornoch Firth. You would have thought that three days of rain across this part of Scotland would have triggered the UKMO into action to issue a warning yesterday for the possibility of this happening, especially now that Network Rail have on board (pardon the pun), Dame Julia Slingo, the ex-boss of the Met Office and renowned expert on flooding of earthwork assets to ‘address these issues’ for them. Obviously they haven’t instigated an urgent project called ‘Embankment Watch’ or ‘Rail Eyes’ as of yet. Why this warning still only comes in force at 1600 BST when the flooding was happening this morning is a bit of a puzzle though!?

Courtesy of UKMO
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