This Met Office spokesman will go far -mark my words!

I know that this cold spell is nothing that exceptional for May, but “nothing significant or unusual” is pushing it a bit. You can obviously tell he’s suffering from a severe case of Scotia Myopia and just can’t wait to get get back to his deckchair in his garden in Exmouth. Daytime maximum anomalies here is Easter Ross where 7°C below the LTA yesterday, and we had a day punctuated by snow showers interspersed between some sunny spells in a fresh northeasterly wind. Snow in May for anywhere in the UK is somewhat of a rarity in these days of global warming, and a 1000-500 hPa partital thicknesses of 517 DM at Lerwick is not to be sniffed at. Comments like these are a perfect example of the arrogance that seems to be rife in the ‘corporate’ Met Office these days and make my blood boil.

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