This mornings snow in Strathpeffer

By the time I had slogged my way up and round to the golf course in Strathpeffer, I reckon a good 10 cm of fresh snow had fallen this morning. Temperatures were around freezing, and it had been snowing moderately occasionally heavily since around 0830 UTC. There was little wind, perhaps just a slight drift in the big flakes from the southwest. Not bad when the village lay outside the original warning area earlier this morning. The lower part of the village is at around 40 M amsl the golf course is up at around 160 M and that does make a difference in the knife edge conditions we have for for snow at present. The showers have just started again and there seems to be plenty more of them upstream to the northwest. It was snowing too hard for SLR type photography which involved changing lenses I’m afraid, and I’m glad I’m back home in the warm. Conditions on high ground must be quite horrendous at the moment across the whole of the Highlands.

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