Today’s 37.8°C at Heathrow makes it the third hottest day on record in UK

Heathrow Airport
Comparison of the 31 July 2020 with the 25 July 2019

Please don’t adjust your monitor settings it’s only me trying to overlay one thermograph from Heathrow on top of another to try and gauge the hourly increase of temperature that went on today. This years temperature peaked at 37.8°C just a tenth of a degree cooler than the 37.9°C that we saw last year. Remarkably the thermographs for Heathrow fit almost precisely with the warming of last year, when Cambridge broke the record for warmest day with 38.7°C. Here’s a look back at the 09-21 maximum temperatures last year across England and Wales. According to the Met Office, and they should know, that makes today’s maximum at Heathrow for the 31st of July the third warmest day on record.

09-21 Maximum temperatures on the 25 July 2019
Data courtesy of MIDAS
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