Today’s maximum anomalies, the sea breeze and a diurnal range of 23.2°C at Aviemore.

The highest maximum temperature anomaly today [06-18] was at Herstmonceux in Sussex at +10.0°C above the 1981-2010 LTA, this was closely followed by Aviemore (+9.5°C) and Loch Glascarnoch (+9.3°C) in the Highlands. The sea breeze didn’t penetrate as far as inland today as it did on other days because the pressure gradient wasn’t as tight, and hence the wind, wasn’t as strong. But the diurnal range at Aviemore today, topped even the 22.0°C of yesterday, with a whopping 23.2°C difference between a minimum of -1.9°C [18-06] and a maximum of 21.3°C [06-18]. Loch Glascarnoch wasn’t too far behind either with a range of 22.1°C between minimum and maximum (-1.8°C & 20.3°C).

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