Today’s weather radar

The weather radar images have been displaying some intense precipitation rates today along the approaching warm front. As far as I can see much of this precipitation is not reaching the ground in the intensities indicated by weather radar, at least across Scotland. The reason I think that is is that most of the heavier precipitation is being detected at height, that’s probably because the frontal system is occluding out the milder air as it encroaches the colder air further east. As this process continues it’ll lower temperatures in the lower levels and precipitation will increasingly fall as snow. Let me know if you disagree with that explanation, after all I am no expert.
I also notice that Meteogroup seemed to have found the amber warning for heavy snow they received this morning and have now adjusted their latest forecasts accordingly, although it looks like whatever NWP model they’ve chosen to use in their graphics for BBC Scotland is a bit out of synch with the reality of the situation at 13 UTC.

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