Todays yellow warning of heavy rain for Scotland

Courtesy of the UKMO

It seems like the Met Office not only have problems with high winds in the Highlands and Islands, they also seem to have problems working out where it’ll be wettest too. I’ve seen them do the same thing several times this Autumn of discounting Scotland north of the Great Glen when it comes to heavy rain. I have greyed out estimated totals for less than 20 mm from my chart for today to try and gauge just how well they did with their “20-40 mm falling quite widely” and “60+mm over hills and mountains”. As you can see totals were generally pretty good, apart from much higher totals of 80+mm over the mountains, but they excluded from the yellow warning a huge chunk of the Highlands and Islands whilst including large areas around the central belt which saw accumulations less than 20 mm.

Estimated Rainfall accumulations from weather radar
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