Tonights frost

Courtesy BBC

It is impossible to say which particular NWP model the BBC are using to forecast the overnight minima across the country but it’s bemusing to see that temperatures at 04 UTC are above freezing in the central Highlands for some reason, where last night minimum temperatures at Tulloch Bridge fell to -6.3°C. I can’t see any reason why temperatures would hold up above freezing at dawn, so I’ve saved this screenshot to remind me to take a look in the morning to see if they did get a frost. Twenty minutes later the BBC Scotland forecast is using a zoomed in view of the same chart.

Courtesy BBC

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  1. The BBC certainly would not – and do not – use raw model temps. They use MeteoGroup’s MOS, model output stats. All tried and tested over decades, by the way. The same output goes to all outlets. I assume that the colours on the map are derived from this, probably a gridded version. However, Tulloch Bridge is in the blue-coloured area. It is due east of Ft William.

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