Tornado watch

I thought that I would see what all the fuss was about across in the United States today which Chris Fawkes was getting so excited about in his lunchtime forecast. A tornado watch has been issued for parts of Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas until 1 PM CDT according to this tweet from the NWS. It’s reassuring to know that the team of weathercasters down at the BBC are ‘keeping a close eye on it’ on our behalf, not that there’s anything that either us any or anyone else can do the slightest thing about the thunderstorms and tornadoes that will occur there. Looking at the 12 UTC chart it’s the usual thing that can happens in spring across the southern states of America, with warm humid air flowing north from the Gulf of Mexico meets very cold continental air coming south from the northern states. Where the two meet all hell can break out with severe thunderstorms and tornadic outbreaks. The tornado watch from the NWS seems to suggest a few tornadoes are possible, Chris Fawkes seems to think it’s much more serious that this.

Originally tweeted by NWS Tornado (@NWStornado) on 17 March 2021.

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  1. It is more serious than that. Thats just one tornado watch of many that will be issued today. It’s a high risk day a level 5 out of 5. There will more then likely be multiple long track violent tornadoes with large hail and strong winds. I enjoy a lot of your output but this is post is a tad condescending.

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