Triggers broom

The Met Office just couldn’t decide on the extent of the heavy rain in their yellow warning for Friday and Saturday. Each day this week the area would change very slightly. The wording has been now also been amended (I don’t know what happened to the reason for update section) and the totals, which were as as high as 100 mm, have now been reduced to 70 mm on higher ground. They have now included ‘snow’ over high ground in the warning which had been flagged up in the GFS model since Monday. There’s still no mention of strong winds in the warm sector, so they must be confident that the low won’t deepen as it runs northeast across the country on Friday, full marks to their model for this. The issuing of these very advanced early warnings does remind me of the Only fools and horses episode about triggers broom for some reason. Why ever don’t they just hold back till the day before the event before issuing a warning for heavy rain? It still would have been more than 24 hours notice.

Courtesy of UKMO
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